sábado, 22 de janeiro de 2011

Dragon ball White monkeys

I just want to add this final game, it's called Dragon ball White Monkeys, who liked Dragon ball budokai AF will like this game a lot much, it's a mod for dragon ball budokai 3 and infinite world, it as character's that you never heard before, but this characters are awesome. There is no download link but there is a site where you can see the characters and their gameplay.

Credits go to: zerozibra

Dragon Ball Budokai AF

An alternative is the Dragon ball budokai AF, a game for ps2, it's a mod for budokai 3 made by PGV, it's basically recolor of the charcters but of likes budokai 3, the game it's pretty fun.

Here is the links for download:



Dragon ball characters creation mode

Are you tired playing DBZ games and the characters are always the same?
Me to, that's why I create this blog, i got a solution, i already did it and i ask you to do it to, go to atari site and send a message to create a game for PS3, PS2, WII and PC where we can create characters, like Dragonball online, but with the difference that the game has the main characters and the character we create. Please go to atari and ask to create a game with a character creation mode.
For who wants to play DB online where's the link: